Special Financing

When you shop for a new or used car at Mazda of Fort Walton Beach, you’re greeted with excellent customer service! Regardless of your credit status, you will get expert financial help for your entire Mazda-shopping needs. We can even get you a vehicle loan if your credit history has recent repossessions, multiple bankruptcies, multiple repossessions, current delinquencies, a poor payment history, or numerous bounced checks.

Pre-Qualify for an Auto Loan
When it’s time to pay for your Mazda, there’s no reason to stress. Choose the easy option by letting Mazda of Fort Walton Beach assist you with financing your vehicle today. We can help secure an auto loan within minutes of applying for an application. Just go online and fill out the credit application, and within minutes you’ll be approved! Applying for an auto loan and receiving financial assistance has never been simpler!

Not so great Credit Loans
Not so great credit is not something you want on your record. It affects being accepted for any loan. If you’re shopping for a Mazda and have not so great credit, we are here to assist! Whether you have had not so great credit, no credit, or having financial stress, let us help you apply for a loan today. If you’re looking for an auto loan or a subprime loan, Mazda of Fort Walton Beach can help get you approved today.

Individuals that cannot qualify for a not so great credit loan include: temporary and seasonal employees, employees paid off the books, as well as current military members stationed outside of the United States.

High-Risk Loans
A high-risk auto loan is a line of credit that can guarantee and secure financing for car buyers with not so great credit. These loans come with a higher interest rate. High-risk lenders are different from conventional bank loans. The lenders partnered with Mazda of Fort Walton Beach will work diligently to approve your application instead of looking for ways to deny it. High-risk loans can help raise your credit score and strengthen your credit history as you pay them off.

After your initial high-risk loan is paid off, your next loan will have a lower interest rate. After a few subsequent loans, you’ll be on track to getting a great interest rate for a conventional loan. Rebuilding your credit with a high-risk loan from our finance department is easy and stress-free, and your timely payments will be reported to the TransUnion, Experian and Equifax credit agencies, so your score will start to improve instantly!